23 years young

I met my step-daughter K sixteen years ago and have had the privilege of watching her grow into a young woman of 23 years. 

K has always been full of imagination which came out strong in her childhood passions including Barbie, Sailor Moon and Spice Girls.  She joined the local Gymnastics club and later took an interest in Cheerleading, which she is still involved with today as an inspirational coach for young girls.  She played soccer too for many years as a goalie.  Sport and good health have always been a priority in her life.

A great sense of style came naturally for K.  At a young age, she developed a passion for hairstyling, and can create a hairdo better than a high-priced salon.  She just knows what works for make-up and her wardrobe, always presenting herself in a stylish yet confident way, even if her socks don’t match!  She would happily give advice – in fact, I still hear her voice reminding me of the importance of washing away make-up before going to bed (especially when I look in the mirror the next day and see smeared eyeliner under my eyes).

While holding down numerous jobs, she recently achieved her University degree.  She is now working both full and part-time in various positions, while maintaining a very positive attitude.  It is exciting to watch her live out her life and make her own decisions.  So far, she has made many good ones.

Her relationships too are very strong, especially with her boyfriend of many years, her two sisters, and with her adorable doggy.  From numerous wall posts on FB, she is clearly admired by many young girls on her cheerleading team.  How wonderful it must feel to be a mentor.

If I had to choose one word to define her, it would be determined.  Even from a young age, if K had a goal to achieve, she worked hard at doing so.

Today, K turns 23 years old.  The same age I was when I met her.  She is no longer that little girl I was introduced to many years ago but instead a young woman full of determination with so much living still to do.  I hope her year ahead is filled with happiness and love.

Happy Birthday, K!

4 thoughts on “23 years young

  1. Happy Birthday Kaitlin! I remember the time the boys and I went to watch one of your cheerleading competitions held at RIM. I was so impressed! You are an amazing athlete and beautiful person inside and out! Enjoy your day, Love Aunt Gail


  2. Wow Heather, this really made my day! 🙂 Thank-you for such kind words and thoughtfulness. I will always remember your creative ideas for family time and fun things to do together! I enjoy reading your blogs, and I feel honored that you would think of me with all the exciting things happening in Germany. @Gail and Carl- thank you too!


    P.S. That photo is almost 10 years old!


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