Why I decided to start blogging

I have lived in Germany for almost 2 years.  For a year and a half, I have written a weekly email update for family and friends back in Canada. This year, after likely boring my family and friends to tears, I decided to try expanding my writing into a blog format as I thought that maybe the stuff I’m experiencing in Germany would be of interest to someone else either:

a)      living here

b)      moving here

c)      wishing to be here OR

d)      glad not to be 

My life has changed since moving to Germany.

I now: 

  • live in a house half the size of what I had in Canada
  • own a fridge equally smaller
  • don’t shop on Sundays (and LOVE it!)
  • walk all the time
  • am constantly amazed at the history and beauty of old stone buildings
  • sit in a café and enjoy my coffee
  • appreciate time

 I feel enriched here.  Unforeseen circumstances have forced me to live with less, but I now appreciate it. 

 I am grateful for all the experiences I have had so far (even the bad) . The simple things in life make my soul soar. Material things don’t move me; treasured, unexpected glorious moments do.  The German cuisine needs some work though (minus the Brötchens….L-O-V-E them!). 

After two years of learning German I still struggle ridiculously (my 5-yr old corrects me), and aside from attending classes I try to listen to the radio more. That is, until my hubby stands up mid-breakfast and asks if we could instead listen to some music as the world crime reports don’t go well with eggs.  Apparently, I have a lot more German to learn.

Through the struggles, and obstacles and days where I long to go in a store and JUST SPEAK ENGLISH, I remind myself that I am the guest here. Germany didn’t invite me, but puts up with me nonetheless. And when all else fails, a walk to our local wine shop helps break a smile.  That, and watching the old guys wear flashy Tour de France gear while biking.   What’s up with that?

What’s missing, of course, is my family and friends back in Canada. They always pull at my heartstrings, and I suspect for the duration of while I am living in Germany, a piece of my heart will remain there. Canada shaped and prepared me for my life here, and I take comfort knowing that she would welcome me home anytime.  How long my stay in Germany will last is unknown, so in the meantime I choose to experience as much as I can! 


4 thoughts on “Why I decided to start blogging

  1. ok…you need to post a pick of those Tour De France clad men….adn I am not talking about the kind that can get away with it as tehy are all muscle…I am talkign about the kind that should never don it…lol


  2. Hi Heather,

    I’ve been here for six years now. I have to agree with you on the loving not shopping on Sundays. Though my husband, who’s German, is desperate for the shops to open their doors on Sundays!!
    My children correct me too. Sometimes wrongly, which is the worst thing. I am times, very confused!



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