Make it a Guten Morgen

I believe, a yummy breakfast helps to make a Guten Morgen (good morning). I am fortunate to live in a country that bakes incredibly delicious bread and buns, with a huge assortment from the traditional white to darker buns and bread with pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, poppy seeds, hazelnuts (or loaded with them all!). And the number of bakeries available here is comparable to the accessibility of a Tim Horton’s. They are everywhere.

Breakfast for Hubby and I has evolved dramatically over the last 14+ years. When we were initially together, breakfast was typically a donut and coffee, ordered from a drive-thru and gulped back during our 30-minute stressful highway drive to work. After a visit to his brother’s place in Germany, we were introduced to the concept of sitting down at the table to enjoy breakfast with an assortment of bread and buns with cheese, sliced meat, butter, jam, boiled eggs, and the almighty German standard of Nutella.

After our return, we were inspired to continue eating a healthier breakfast and at home, instead of in the car. We started having a bagel with Havarti cheese (either plain, herbed or jalapeño) along with a cup of coffee which we enjoyed in our bedroom while looking out the window. On Sundays, we would often have “German breakfast” that resembled those elaborate breakfasts we initially enjoyed in Germany. It was a wonderful way to celebrate a Sunday morning/early afternoon and spend time with family.

Ever since we moved here, we have been fortunate to enjoy fresh Brötchen (buns) pretty much every day for breakfast. The selection of what to put on top of has also evolved since our move.  Initially it was just cold cuts with our sliced Gouda cheese and the occasional boiled egg, but now you will also find on our table sliced tomatoes, cucumbers, fresh cream cheese from the market with chives or parsley from our garden, avocado and sometimes fresh smoked salmon. I rarely eat cold cuts anymore, but Hubby still occasionally enjoys fresh slices of meat along with Teewurst (German sausage, often in the consistency of pate). We sit down and eat a breakfast like this almost every day. On occasion, we will indulge in a “bacon and eggs” breakfast (a favorite of Little T’s), or on very special occasions, eggs benedict (with a yummmmm factor all of its own).

What I like about eating a breakfast like this every day is that my body feels really good after, and I feel more energized in the morning. But I also find it to be a pleasurable way to begin each day, especially when shared with people you love. During the week, we usually sit down and have a cup of green tea while Little T eats his granola cereal or fried egg with toast.  He then has a second breakfast a few hours later at school, consisting of a bun or bread with sliced meat and butter or peanut butter (as he starts school at 7:50am). After dropping him off at school, Hubby stops off at the bakery for our buns and we then sit down together to share breakfast before pouring a cup of coffee and walking up the stairs to start our work-day (definitely an advantage of both spouses working from home!). On the week-ends, after enjoying our first cup of coffee while reading in bed, Hubby will bike or drive to the bakery while I assemble the breakfast table, put on some nice music, and light a candle.  It is such a relaxing way to enjoy breakfast, and also gives us time to connect, reflect about our week, and dream about our future. It is my favourite time of the day.

A few mornings ago, Hubby peered down at his bun with sliced cheese, cucumber and tomatoes and observed:

“I’ve come a long way from a honey cruller.”

4 thoughts on “Make it a Guten Morgen

  1. Mmmmm..honey drillers..mmmm..but can’t have them for breakfast….I hear what you are saying..there is nothing like a good solid breakfast…sets you up for the day 🙂


  2. I just love how you can turn something as mundane as breakfast – into something so desirable! You sure made me stop and think about our breakfast routines around here! Thanks for that. Also, I read recently about a German bakery that has opened in uptown Waterloo, where the dough is shipped in from Germany, then baked fresh in the store. Next time here, you’ll have to check it out. Mind you, might be a bit of a hike for Ralph on his bike…. 🙂


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