A visit to cherish

I had to say good-bye, but it will be a hello again soon

My sister and two nephews left a few days ago after a 3 week visit. The house still feels empty and quiet. I think it misses them too.

As I said to my sister on the last night, during our wonderful meal out alone together, I always dread the day when visitors go home. There is so much anticipation and excitement leading up and during the time they are with us.  When the departure date arrives, it’s hard to let them go.

But instead of dwelling on the good-bye, I’ve decided to reflect on the memories that were created.  Here are a few:

  • Walking into our village the first night for pizza dinner and walking back surrounded by a beautiful sunset.
  • Watching my sister drink tea.  And trust me…she drank a lot of it (Green, White, Rooibos with various blends). But she taught me a lot about tea and has inspired me to check out a tea vendor at our local vendor that she met a few times.  Since she left behind a fabulous tea pot, I need to put it to use!
  • Enjoying ice cream, tea and wine outside at our local ice cream shop.  Many times. I biked by it yesterday and could picture us all still sitting there.
  • Listening to my sister try to order her ice cream in German (ainnnss Koooogel) before giggling like crazy and repeating the only other word in German she knew (Halllllt!)
  • Playing Phase 10 late into the night, while sharing experiences and laughter.  It was such a fun way to spend an evening with our nephews. Especially with Katy Perry playing in the background and watching J search for music videos on You Tube.
  • Watching the Bon Jovi When We Were Beautiful Documentary together (oh, he is still very beautiful). Even if I did have to tell Hubby to stop talking during it so we could listen to Jon.
  • Having the opportunity to spend time alone with Hubby.  We were treated to a long bike ride together, a night out at the gym, a few glasses of wine and two dinners out.
  • Sharing meals and conversations together.  Speaking of which, my sister made this fabulous lemon herby chicken (pronounced ERBy, not HERBy, right Auntie G?)  Here is the recipe:


  • She also made a really yummy cream of zucchini soup, and the week before a fantastic lasagne.  She is one great cook!
  • Listening to T say “I love you J.  I love you M.”  It made up for the last day where at first he refused to say good-bye to them because “I have no time. I have to go to school!”
  • Exploring Berlin, but not trying to find a McDonald’s.  We learned our lesson. Never tell your kid they can have McDonald’s for supper unless you know exactly where one is. McDonald’s suddenly became the main attraction on our first night in Berlin which is very sad.
  • Sharing breakfast in Rostock without the kids. No offence to the kids, but they aren’t into breakfast. Unless it comes from McDonald’s.
  • Watching my two nephews lay on the couch side by side reading.  Later they would lie in the same positions watching movies late into the next morning.
  • Hubby taking the boys to an indoor swimming pool amusement place while G and I stayed back and relaxed. She read (and drank buckets of tea) while I had a bath and gave myself a pedicure.
  • Listening to my older nephew continually try to convince his mom that he must move down to the room in the basement of their house.  He definitely gets kudos for his determination, and my sister gets the same for her patience! In the end, he still had the same answer he was given the first time.
  • My youngest nephew J reaching his hand down between the crack of our couch and successfully finding the lost laser sword from T’s new Star Wars Lego set.  Goodness knows what all is down in that crack of our couch.
  • Watching the boys have fun at the beach
  • My sister dancing in the living room while her two boys rolled their eyes.
  • Hearing about all my sister’s positive experiences with various stores in our village.  She frequented more shops than I have in 8 months of living here.  I won’t be surprised to find her picture in these stores with “VIP customer” along the bottom.

These are just a few of my favourite memories that I will always cherish.

You bet your boom booms that I hope they return soon to make more.

6 thoughts on “A visit to cherish

  1. Sounds like my sistars had a great time! And I am sure T had lots of fun with M and J 😉

    Oh, and thankfully G did not go to the pool after buckets of tea… After all, we all know from Heather’s posts what Germans do at the pool :-O


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