Introducing a fabulous woman

Actually, many of you already know this fabulous woman.  She’s my mom.  But, maybe there are a few things you don’t know about her!

Words that come to my mind when I think of my mom are loving, calm, private, funny and loyal. Good childhood memories of my mom are endless. A few of the goodies include those homemade fried donuts she use to make and the individual homemade pizzas using crusts from Buns Master Bakery.  I can’t remember all the toppings she would use, but do recall the pizzas with sliced fresh white mushrooms as being my favourite.  As a little girl, my mom would make identical dresses for her and me to wear to church.  I was so proud to look like my mom.

My mom is:
Loving.  My mom is not an affectionate person (hugs are not her thing!), but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t love.  She shows her love in countless other ways. I’ve also read the steamy love cards she has given my dad on his birthday. Oh, yeah.  She loves.

Calm.  Very seldom have I seen my mother angry, anxious, or stressed.  Maybe she kept these emotions hidden or just has a huge patient approach to life. I’d like to think the latter is true.

Private:  My mother isn’t always forthcoming with information about herself, but instead keeps her affairs more private. Or, maybe she just knows that my dad will reveal any information about her with others including the mail person.

Funny. My mom has a sense of humour that will reveal itself when you least expect it.  Like when she use to write me notes that were “from my bedroom” telling me how sad it was that I kept it so messy.  I thought she was pretty funny.

Afraid of birds.  Just so you know.

Loyal.  My mom can be counted on. If she says she’ll do something, or be somewhere, she will be. She will also kill a spider when you ask her to. Sometimes, even without a tissue, that I think is a bit gross.  But she is loyal.

Not a Milk person. Nor does she like a lot of butter on her bread. She’s not much into sushi either.

Religious.  Church has played a very important role in my mother’s life, ever since she was a little girl.  But, she doesn’t force her religious views on others.  She respects other’s choices regarding religion.

A great cook.  She can make a roast beef-mashed potatoe-gravy meal with garlicky Caesar salad like nobody’s business.  Just ask any of her grandkids (and kids) who will go eat a Nana meal anytime.  But, if she had her choice of cooking or eating out, she’ll grab her coat and purse.

A wonderful friend.  My mom has many friends from various stages of her life. Her closest girlfriends have known her since she was in her teens, but she has made and kept friends from work, church, and neighbourhoods where she lived. My mother (and dad) have a more active social life than me.

An awesome daughter, sister, wife, cousin, aunt, mother and nana.  Anyone who refers to her by any of these names will confirm this statement is true.

And today, this fabulous woman in my life turns 70 years young. But, going back to her private trait, she does not want a big hoopla or any fuss made about it. It’s just another day for her.

Besides, my dad will be sure to tell the mail person.  Maybe she will give my mom a hug.

5 thoughts on “Introducing a fabulous woman

  1. I also remember from my childhood Mom spending time in her garden. She always planted geraniums, and I plant these too in my garden and always think of her. She also was an awesome household engineer, from hanging wash in such a way that the sheets do not get wrinkled, and the neighbours have a pleasing view, to having a very clean house and clothes properly ironed. And don’t forget her delicious chelsea buns, which I loved eating the droplets of brown sugar mixture when they hardened on the pan. She is an amazing Mom! Happy Birthday! Love, Gail


  2. That’s my mom to a Tee! I love her like no-buddies business! As for her cooking, I cant agree more! Be in Ottawa I miss mom’s cooking and whenever I get a chance I will get home for some! Like times when I have meetings in Toronto, I will plan and extra day and tell my boss I will save some money and stay at my folks if I can rent a car. My key goal is roast beef, baby! Heck, I look forward to my boys hockey tournaments in Toronto so we can plan a stop for some roast beef (the boys share my passion).

    Happy Birthday Mom/Nana!

    With Love from your Ottawa family! 😉


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