Celebrating my sister

I am fortunate to have grown up with a sister.   We are five years apart in age, so her role often mirrored a “motherly” one, except the time when she convinced me to buy her used make-up and chocolates (that were a gift).  I’m still annoyed by that.

Growing up with an older sister made me long to be just like her.  Maybe that’s why I read her diary and tried on her clothes when she wasn’t home. I watched with envy as she was able to do more and more things because of her age; thus my never ending question to my parents “When will I be older?!”  Funny enough, I am now hearing that echo in my son’s 6-yr old voice.

But I could always count on my sister for emotional support.  When our family dog Trixie died, I biked as fast as I could to Schneiders with tears streaming down my face, just to meet my sister after she was done her shift for a hug.  And later, when our second family dog Shadow passed away, she was there too with more hugs.   I was so sad when she moved away to Winnipeg and then Vancouver, but consider myself fortunate to have visited her in both places, especially playing dress-up with her roommates with all their Thrift Shop clothes.  It was my sister who took me home after my 19th birthday celebration, and didn’t get angry after I threw up my birthday drinks in her jack-o-lantern.

My sister introduced me to food that I thought was very odd at the time – whole wheat lasagna, tofu, lentils and numerous other vegetarian dishes that I now often cook.  During my recent visit back home to Canada, she served me some yummy teas and sent a package home with me that I am sipping and enjoying as I write this.

She is a very thoughtful person. Over the years I have received cards from her for new homes, job accomplishments and “thinking of you” notes.  Numerous of my Christmas ornaments were gifts from my sister, and I always smile and think of her when I hang each one of them.  A few winters ago I really wanted
to get myself a new scarf, but never seemed to get around to buying one.  One day, a belated Christmas package arrived from my sister which contained a scarf for me! It was as if she read my mind.

My sister is a very loving mom and is very supportive of her two son’s activities.  The bulk of her time is spent in arenas or behind the wheel driving them somewhere. But she doesn’t complain. In fact, she strives to spend as much time as possible with them, even opening up her kitchen so they could do homework at the kitchen table while she prepares a meal and looks on.

Unlike me, my sister is very outgoing and loves being around people.  Her current job is a great match for her personality, and she worked hard to get the career she has.  Her careers a have always benefited others, including her vast involvement with senior citizens and numerous volunteer positions.

She has endured a rough few years, but instead of blaming others for her challenges, she is learning from her past and is much stronger.  Her goal is to have lots of love and happiness.  I would say she has lots already and shares lots too.

Today is my sister’s birthday.  I am sending her a big virtual hug with lots of love and hope she celebrates herself!

2 thoughts on “Celebrating my sister

  1. Thank you so much dear sister for your written gift of love & friendship. I will treasure your story, probably print it out and keep in somewhere close when I’m missing you or need some encouragement.
    Our relationship means so much to me-thank you for blessing me with our friendship knitted together through the bond of being sisters.
    Love, Gail


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