A Warrior I love

There is this person in my life with whom I can be completely myself.  I can say anything with no fear of being judged, ridiculed, or ignored. Sure, he may tease me, but our relationship is full of moments where we make fun of each other or laugh out loud at ourselves.

The connection we have with each other, which was quickly present soon after we began our relationship, continues to astound me.  Not only can he finish my sentences, but he has this ability to start talking about something that has been on my mind before I have a chance to share my thoughts. It is more than just being on the same wavelength. It is knowing your souls are connected and likely have been for thousands of years.

He is kind, gentle, sensitive and has this sense of humour that still surprises me.  When I get worked up about something, he is always able to calm my nerves.  The way he can handle stress is unbelievable. I worry that he is carrying it all in his heart, and fear that one day it won’t take anymore.  But, we’re working on that.

He is gifted in so many different ways.  He is an amazing cook, rarely using a recipe but creating, and re-inventing meals that would blow your mind.  His creativity is also expressed throughout our home; not only can he fix anything that breaks down but he can build things and put together our home so beautifully. He is the one who knows where the couch should be, and the best spot on the wall for a print; the decorating magazines were always subscribed and read eagerly by him.  It is he that does the ironing and sewing in our home, and will help out with cleaning when I ask with no complaining.

And, above all, everything he does and says is full of love and it is present in all his roles including father, husband, son, brother, and friend.  Even though yesterday was his birthday, I knew during the moments where he was sad it was because his 3 daughters are not here to celebrate with him and that he misses them incredibly.  And I knew he didn’t share this with me when I asked, to avoid making me sad too (but I already was).

Hubby, you are an amazing person and I am so grateful to have found you in this life.  Thank you for sharing your love with me, and being my best friend.

Happy Birthday, you Warrior of Light.

5 thoughts on “A Warrior I love

  1. could not have put it better myself…and maybe that’s exactly why we get along so fine and like spending time together…it’s huge luck I think to find a mate like that, so I consider myself hugely lucky…..but I think it’s the willingness to be that person for someone else and the willingness to maintain what you have that’s equally important….
    Happy Birthday Ralphie!


  2. Ralph,

    You sound terrific! Can I marry you 😉 ?

    I can attest to his genius the last time we were in Germany. I think of all the restaurants we went to in Germany and the best one was in a secluded garden with our chef preparing his gourmet creations right before our eyes. That same chef designed an amazing kitchen in the smallest of areas to be extremely functional and enjoyable to visit with the chef. And when the hot water stop working our host ran out and bought a new hot water heater and installed in so we could have hot showers the next day.

    The guy was amazing! So I agree Heather, he is a warrior in so many ways.

    Happy Birthday Bro!


  3. Happy Birthday Ralphy! We think you’re terrific too….! 🙂 Beautifully written Heather. I admire your ability to express yourself so eloquently – your heartfelt words brought tears to my eyes.


  4. Happy Birthday Ralph! Thanks for being you, and for bringing all you do to this world (and my plate when we are over for dinner!).


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