This morning, I was supposed to wake up in Canada.

Like everyone else around the world, plans were derailed due to COVID-19 (which I will refer to as ‘C’, as I think we’ve all seen and heard COVID-19 enough for one lifetime.)

I’m fortunate in that my life hasn’t been too affected by the lockdown and C restrictions that followed this year. I’ve had a home office since I began working in Germany, so I didn’t have to deal with guilt from doing a load of laundry in the middle of a work day, not beginning/ending my day at the same time, and wearing pyjamas at my desk.

Even when hubby switched to a home office, I was use to him being around as he’s worked out of the house before. Normally a traveling salesman away most weeks overnight somewhere, its been a real treat having him around more. I often get breakfast made for me and coffee brought to my desk.

Teen T has been living in the basement with his pimped gaming computer, two monitors, and Netflix. When COVID-19 forced homeschooling and isolation on him, as a happy introvert who’s not a fan of raising his hand in class – he was living the dream.

But I must admit, when we realized traveling to Canada wasn’t realistic this month due to restrictions, it was heartbreaking.

There was a wedding to celebrate. New family members and partners to meet. A milestone birthday. Family and friends I haven’t seen face-to-face for two years. Circumstances were beyond my control. All because of C.

Instead of staying in that dark world of sadness, and writing off this year as one to forget, I decided to focus on the good 2020 has brought to my life. Especially considering many people have lost loved ones, jobs, and the toll C is taking on mental health.

So, here’s my 2020 positivity list:

  1. Morning routine

Before C, my mornings began with hubby in upstairs bathroom, Teen T in downstairs bathroom, and me crossing my legs about to burst until whoever vacated the bathroom first.

Mornings were normally a blur with hubby having a train to catch, Teen T needing to be at school by 8am, and me in the driver’s seat getting them to their destinations on time.

After C, there’s a bathroom vacant when I wake up.

Nuff said.

2. Board games

Normally every Sunday we traditionally play a family board game. During lockdown, we changed the frequency to daily, to make sure the basement teen saw some sunlight. (And we saw the teen).

This resulted in pulling out games we haven’t played in years and hanging out together with no electronic devices.

Except taking a picture of that Catan board I rocked.

3. More Golf

Hubby and I love golfing.

I personally enjoy the extended time spent in nature, walking 12 kilometres and not realizing it. The tiny golf ball goes a long way in teaching you about patience and curse words. Ying and yang.

During C, the golf course was closed for 7 weeks so our backyard became our driving range (with plastic balls of course!). After it re-opened, we played nearly every day and I finally got myself an official handicap a few months ago.

Non-golfers will have no idea how exciting this milestone is, but I can equate it to the feeling when you get your driver’s license. Or the first time you mastered a bubble with chewing gum.

It’s pretty cool.

4. Wearing a mask

Hear me out.

A few weeks ago, I took silly goose (my dog) for a run. When I returned home, I had this sinking feeling that I was supposed to be somewhere and quickly checked my calendar.

Yep. I had a hair appointment. Not just for a cut but highlights too. In five minutes.

Luckily, as the salon is in town, I was only 10 minutes late and my stylist took my tardiness surprisingly well. (This is Germany, folks. Capital P in Punctuality.)

There was no time for a shower before I left, and I was there for two hours.

I wore a mask, my stylist was wearing one, and everyone else in the salon too.

You get the point 😷.

5. Making new friends

During lockdown, our winetasting group met up together every Saturday for a video call. Prior to the call, we took turns delivering a bottle of wine and an appetizer to each home.

I realized with horror during the first call that my face looked like a dried-up apple doll.

Where did all these wrinkles suddenly come from???!!!

Mirror, mirror on my bathroom wall certainly didn’t reflect that face.

It’s not like I haven’t had wrinkles for awhile. It’s just that they seemed to have multiplied without me knowing. I asked a friend how she keeps her facial complexion gleaming. Her secret weapon? Vitamin C Serum.

It’s my new friend and morning facial routine. Followed by face cream, eye cream, and a prayer these laugh lines will minimize.

As my mother will remind me, as I kid I couldn’t wait to get older.

“EVERYONE is OLDER than me,” I would weep. “Especially other kids in my class because I have a birthday IN NOVEMBER.” 😭

No wonder she chuckled.

6. 2020 strikes again

This is my favourite thing about C. It can be blamed for things, like the dog when someone farted.

Forgot a birthday? Missed an appointment? Gained weight? Having a bad hair day?

Just blame it on C.

So, yeah. 2020 has been a bummer year. But so much good is happening too. You may think you have no control over 2020 but actually, you do.

How you react.

10 thoughts on “2020

  1. Love your post, Heather. You took a negative thing and turned it into a positive.
    We do have a lot to be grateful for. Thanks for making my day. Miss ya.


  2. We will miss getting to see you and “the boys”!! Serious bummer!
    I agree with the bright side, finding solace in quiet weekends spending more time with the girls then we have had throughout most of their teens. Silver linings are the best. Hope to see you in 2021!


  3. was sooo looking forward to seeing you guys, but wait we shall! love your update….and had similar experience getting my haircut recently (finally! after just over a year…lol..) all masked up. In prep for the longer evenings ( and possible lockdown) we just got two 1000 piece puzzles…fun times…


  4. Hi Heather, you’re right. There is a silver lining but there are definitely tolls being taken on the mental health front in my camp. Alas, although my weight gain is surely peri menopausal (the weight gain everyone talks about and hates (poster child here)) I get to blame it on C! A little switcheroo. Lol. Take care and stay safe! Glad to see you’ve got the mindset to ride this roller coaster out!


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