The Lady in Red

020714_The Lady in Red pic 1

Our own little dinosaur that hatched this week.

It’s not every day that you receive a wedding invitation with a picture of a green dinosaur and a caption that says “Hold on to your butts!” Or instructions not to wear a red dress to the event.

Yes…the bride wore red! And her best ladies and ladies of distinction (no maids here) wore…white! And they all looked incredibly stunning, although I must say the bride definitely stole the show.

The entire wedding was far from traditional, and if you know my step-daughter T, you would totally understand her flare for the unordinary.  The ceremony was held at the same location of the reception, and was very short but very sweet (included a “Romantic Reading”). Pictures were also at the same place, so the rest of the guests didn’t have to wait too long before being reunited with the wedding party. And what an entrance the newlyweds made…with a delightful tango dance!

The festivities began early with dancing long into the night. How many weddings have you been to where they serve poutine as a late night snack? And dinosaurs were definitely there. Two of them on top of a beautiful wedding cake home-made by my other step-daughter N and a big dinosaur mural complete with cut-outs to stick your head in for a picture with the extinct creatures. The table centerpieces were, you guessed it, a big dinosaur egg. We got to bring one home, which hatched this week.

I admire how my step-daughter T made a special tribute to her best friend that she lost a few years ago to cancer. She had a beautiful picture of her at the front during the ceremony, and instead of wedding favours, she set out cards explaining a donation was made to the humane society on her friend’s behalf. Her friend had written a speech for T’s wedding shortly before she passed away, which was read during the reception. It was all a very touching acknowledgement of such a dear friend.

This wedding had so many memorable moments. I loved how my step-daughter T and my step-son-in-law R had big smiles on their faces the entire day and night, and both really seemed to being having fun! I loved dancing with hubby and had to giggle when Little T interrupted to have a dance with his mommy. It was his first wedding, and he was the only child there (exception made because he is the brother, and he was very proud of that). Little T had a blast! I think too he loved the attention from all his sisters that night, especially receiving the first kiss of the evening from big sister N. I also loved the music that was played, and especially appreciate the Duran Duran song requested for me by my step-daughter K. And a special mention to Ralph’s aunt that made every effort to make sure my wine glass was always full. It truly was a magical day.

I also appreciated having my family there – my parents, my sister, my brother and my sister-in-law.  It’s not easy being a part of a step-family and to integrate extended family into that circle. I was fortunate to have a family that was accepting and welcomed my three step-daughters into their lives. There may be no blood, but a bond is there.

In many ways, T and R’s wedding was very healing for me. I am so grateful to have been a part of it, and honoured to be included in their set of three parents.

So, if you are looking for help in planning a non-traditional wedding that will literally make you hold on to your butt, I know the perfect lady to recommend.

And she comes dressed in red.

5 thoughts on “The Lady in Red

  1. Sounds wonderful Heather. T. has style and isn’t shy to use it and be herself. I feel I can learn something from her and wish she and her husband all the best that life has to offer. xoxo


  2. Heather you captured the spirit of the celebration so well…the love of the newlyweds was like sweet perfume that can’t be bottled as it is unique to their two lives coming together for a journey that is sure to be amazing for them. Congrats again to the lady in red, and the dashing groom. So glad the family is expanding 🙂


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