Cereal for supper

05292013_Cereal for supperEver reach the end of the day and find you have no energy or creativity left to put together supper? Well, I can offer cereal as a perfect solution. And according to this author, it can be a wise choice.

Yesterday evening was exactly one of those days. Especially since I didn’t have much in the fridge to assemble a meal, as I was waiting for my Tuesday Bio food delivery. It is also ideal to serve when Hubby is away, and he is not a fan of eating cereal at any time of the day. The only hitch was I had no milk –it was on the Bio truck.

While waiting for the delivery, I sliced up a big bowl of veggies for Little T, which he has every day before supper. Cucumbers are his favourite, and he saves them until last as I also mix in either peppers, carrots, or cherry tomatoes. Shortly after the veggie appetizer, the doorbell rang and there was my delivery guy holding our big green basket filled with goodies. And thankfully, the milk too.

Eating cereal for supper is actually quite common, especially with the Swiss. Germans and other European cultures have this thing about only serving one “warm” meal a day, meaning something prepared on the stove. Experiencing the high cost of electricity, I completely understand why this came about. A lot of Germans will simply have bread or buns for supper, with butter, cheese, meat, tomatoes, cucumbers, egg, or jam and Nutella for the kids – similar to what is served at breakfast. Sometimes we do this too, but normally our meals are based more on what leftovers are in the fridge or what we are inspired to make.

I usually have muesli for cereal supper, as the selection here is incredible with a range of dried fruits, nuts, and raisins mixed in with soft rolled oats or crunchy oat clusters. It can be confusing as the Germans call cereal Müsli (pronounced the same as the English muesli) but in addition to the mixtures I just described, Müsli can also be Corn Flakes, Rice Krispies and a similar range of sugary cereal options that are available on North American shelves but with maybe a quarter of the selection. I usually add sliced banana on top of my cereal or strawberries if we have them.

Little T had corn flakes, the Bio version I bought a few weeks ago. I let him add sugar on top as when they are served on their own, I’m pretty sure cardboard tastes better. This is a real treat for him, as this is the first time he has been able to add sugar to his cereal at our house. Normally this is a treat reserved for Nana and Papa’s home. He has already reminded me that soon he will be having “Cheerios with sugar” at their house as we approach our trip back home to Canada. Which is a double treat, as Cheerios are, sadly, not available here.

For dessert (which is kind of a weird thing to think of having after a bowl of cereal), Little T had a few slices of watermelon while I finished up some honeydew melon. It is so nice to buy this fruit in season again (from Spain) when it actually taste like melon. After we were finished, Little T jumped up from the table and before leaving turned to me and said: “Mom, that is the best supper ever!”

Why can’t he say the same when I make scrambled tofu?

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