Strawberry pickin’

As the saying goes, you can pick your nose, pick your friends, but you can’t pick your family. Lucky for me, my family turned out to be awesome. But I’ve since learned that you can also pick your own strawberries, which I highly recommend.

Today’s adventure started out with a goal to buy, as Hubby would call them, “ugly German shoes”. I desperately Imageneeded footwear for inside the house, as I find myself standing a lot in the kitchen cooking. Now that it’s a little warmer out, I wanted to have a pair of sandals, as my other inside “ugly German shoes” covers my feet. So I opted for these red ones.

But the real adventure was how Little T and I got to the store, which is 9 kilometers away. Not getting out to bike as much as I would have liked this week, I really craved a long bike ride, which is the exact opposite idea of fun for Little T. So I bribed him. I offered to give him 10 Euros which he could spend at the toy store above where I wanted to buy the shoes. He was in.

Half way to the store we were biking to is a strawberry field where you can pick your own berries. So, I suggested that we could stop there on the way back home to pick a basket, and have a break from biking. So with a knapsack packed with water, peanut butter-chocolate-meat wrapper, fresh peas, gummy bears and our strawberry basket, we were off.

The ride to our destination took about 45 minutes, and Little T only wanted to stop once to eat his wrapper. It was about 23 degrees with the sun shining on one side, and dark clouds looming on the other. But it always looks like that here, so if you don’t plan anything outside because it looks like rain, you would never leave the house. This is my kind of summer weather. Even having to wear a sweater while biking, and wearing a scarf around my neck now as I type this outside doesn’t bother me. I’ll take this weather any day over humidity and “hotter than Hades”.

With my new red shoes, and Little T’s new Lego toy purchased, it was time for some ice-cream and coffee in the village. One of my favorite things to do on the week-end is sit in an outdoor café, sip coffee, and people-watch. Today there was a gentleman quietly strumming a guitar. This is the life.

Once our break was finished, it was time to head to the strawberry field. The sky looked even more threatening of rain, but as we rode further towards the strawberries, it got sunnier. Once we arrived and parked our bikes, Little T was anxious to grab the basket and start picking. It is priceless to witness an 8-year old’s excitement about seeing so many red strawberries, and proudly show me each one he picked. The field was packed full of people, young and old – some picking to fill a small basket like us, while others filling huge tubs. There is nothing better than to pick a fresh strawberry that is still warm from the sun.

ImageThe entire basket we purchased was only 2 Euros. Just a few days before in the grocery store I saw a container of strawberries half the size, with the berries looking like they were ready for the compost bin, for the same price. How fun it is to have complete control of every strawberry that goes into your basket. But the best part? The taste! Little T picked some really tiny strawberries. I popped one in my mouth and was instantly reminded of my mom’s homemade strawberry freezer jam, and how yummy it tasted when spread on toast.

Tonight I plan to make homemade pasta. While wearing my new red shoes.

10 thoughts on “Strawberry pickin’

  1. I saved your blog until I had my other ‘have to’ emails done and you did not disappoint. I am very impressed with your cooking, as you seem to be really branching out. Way to go. We used to do some strawberry picking every year but they are a bit too close to the ground for my knees any more and so we have to depend on Zehrs. Have a wonderful time with your brother and family and then your great family adventure coming up. Wow! Josh and Michael were here for an overnight and although they said they are looking forward to being away with family, I don’t think they are as impressed as I am and maybe it won’t hit them for many years. Have a great time! xoxoox


    • Thanks, Susanne! Kneeling while picking strawberries can also give you a nice strawberry stain on your beige pants, like Little T learned. I am so looking forward to seeing my family and hugging my nephews – my brother’s family is first in just 3 sleeps! Can’t wait!


  2. Can’t wait tov go strawberry picken and lego shopping with Mr T and the lady in red shoes… Does Ralph have an ugly pair too? See you soon!


    • We will do all those things, except I won’t be leaving the house in these red shoes! lol Ralphy does have a pair too, but not in sandal style. He might just get inspired to get his own pair when he sees mine!


  3. OMG LOVE your story, “ugly German shoes” included… the fact that little T would bike all that distance for 10 euros….I need to go and pick some strawberries…I like to freeze them and use them as water flavour…I have a jug, throw a bunch of frozen strawberries, or raspberries (or I’ll cut up an orange), pour water in and let it sit in the fridge….nice change from plain water plus no chemicals :) for your “ugly German shoes” you should check out Gizeh by Birkenstock..I think they are quite all right looking….and come in some really funky colors 🙂


    • Ooooh, love Google images – just checked out those shoes and they are nice! Next pair for sure! Love the fruit/water combo you make. I want to get some mineral stones to add to our water jug. Waiting until we visit Ron again so he can show me where to buy them. Thx for taking care of my hubby!


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