Just me and my boy


Well, at least I liked them

It’s the Easter long week-end, and I am celebrating it in Germany with Little T while Hubby is celebrating it in Canada.  This is the third Easter in a row that we haven’t been together, although, in the past it was me in Canada while he was in Germany (almost killed himself one Easter paragliding with his brother, but that’s another story).

As this long week-end approached, I was feeling sad.  Not because there is a brand new BMW in our driveway (thank-you Hertz car rental!) but I can’t drive it because the key is in Canada. Well, that’s not true. I’m a little sad about that.  I was also sad because I am not being able to spend Easter in Canada with family and friends too.

I thought about inviting a bunch of ladies I met over for an evening this week-end to have some adult company. But then I decided, maybe I should take this long week-end as a gift, and spend it with just myself and Little T.  Maybe being alone with my thoughts is exactly what I need.

Since it is the long week-end, and in Germany both Friday and Monday are public holidays, I decided to also not work on those days.  So this morning, I happily slept in and lounged in bed drinking a coffee and reading my book.  The only plan Little T and I had today was to bike to the small movie theatre in our village to watch a movie, so during the morning the two of us just did our own thing.  Out of the blue, Little T asked if we could go outside together to play (he normally resists going outside!) so I made my second coffee and out we went.

Even though it was a bit cool, the sun was shining.  I sat down in a lounge chair, leaned my head back, and closed my eyes and felt my face soak up the sun.  While sitting there, I started thinking about all of things I am grateful for, and continued thinking of things throughout the entire day:

  • Having a week-end ahead of me with no real plans
  • Seeing all the beautiful yellow dogwood bushes and pink cherry blossoms in full bloom
  • Being forced to bike all week long, as it forced me to exercise since I wasn’t able to get to the gym.   If I had the key to that BMW, there’s no way my hands would have ever touched my bike this week.  My neighbours must think I am a very Green person for biking everywhere when there is a nice, fast car parked in my driveway. If they only knew how much it pains me to walk by it every day….with my bike….
  • Spending an hour making fish rolled in fresh chopped rosemary then wrapped in smoked bacon, steamed broccoli with lemon mayonnaise, and baked potatoes stuffed with smoked bacon, sage and garlic and then listen to my son tell me how much he loved what I made and that I’m the best Mommy in the world.
  • OK, Little T didn’t say that. In fact, he said something along the lines of me being the worst Mommy in the world and that I know that he HATES FISH and we were watching a movie together, and when we do, we always eat PIZZA so why did I make this YUCKY FISH.  30 minutes later he asked if we could shake hands and still love each other.
  • The local pizzeria is serving brunch on Sunday and that kids under eight eat for free, because after the fish fiasco, this mama needs a break from the kitchen.
  • Brown eggs can actually be coloured, as the grocery store ran out of white eggs. Little T did a great job colouring Easter eggs yesterday, but I think he got more dye on his hands then on the eggs.
  • Smelling the sunshine in my hair when I had my shower.
  • Our normal Friday market was held on Thursday instead, so I could shop there instead of going to the grocery store.
  • After the market shopping I enjoyed a pistachio ice cream, made with real chunks of pistachios, while watching others do their shopping at the market.  Great entertainment for only 80 cents.
  • Germany grown white asparagus is now available in the market. But, I’m waiting for Hubby to return so we can feast on the first crop together.
  • Watching my neighbours sit on their balconies also soaking up the sun with their eyes closed. I love living in a country where it is perfectly acceptable to do this on a holiday or Sunday. In fact, it is expected.
  • At the movie this afternoon, I was grateful that Little T got off my lap first before walking a few steps away to fart.  But I don’t think the two senior ladies sitting in the same row were as grateful.

However you plan to spend this long Easter week-end, alone or not, I hope you enjoy it.  Frohe Ostern!

I also hope next year I can spend Easter with my boys.  And a fast car.  With a key.

6 thoughts on “Just me and my boy

  1. It’s good you can look at the bright side of things, Heather. What a great attitude!! I’m wondering WHY the keys to that BMW went to Canada with Ralph??


  2. We missed you two! Had a great time at Micheal and Josh church Friday (quite these techno service including a fully dressed Chief Priest). Had a traditional Good Friday birthday lunch at Gails of Tacos and cake (hum – no Fish Mr T)!

    Saturaday is a traditional spring cleaning of cars with the boys helping to clean papa cars:).

    Looking forward to seeing soon!

    Love ya


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