The Early bird catches the worm

My dad, known as “Early” to a number of us, is certainly one of a kind.  He is famous for one-liners, most of which I have heard all my life.  For instance, if you call him on the phone and ask “What’s up?” He’ll reply with “Everything that ain’t down!”  Or, on your birthday he’ll ask if you are a year older or a day older.  And if you question something he may have commented on, you may hear “I didn’t fall off the back of a cabbage truck!”

One of my funniest memories of my dad happened just before I entered high school.  I had a few of my “Duranie” girlfriends over and we were sitting in the
rec room watching TV and drinking pop.  My dad picked up my glass, gulped the rest of it, slammed it on the table and start singing:

“Ginger ale, ginger ale, 5 cents a glass

If you don’t like it

Stick it up your  a*s!”

And then he walked away!

My friends got a big kick out of my dad’s humour and his personality in general, but in a fun way.  Whenever they would call on the land-line telephone to see if I was home (you know, the time before answering machines, cell phones, SMSing or texting came into existence) either he would reply with “Yes” followed with a silence, prompting my friends to then ask “Can I speak with her?”  To which they may get a response of “Yes” or “I don’t know. Can you?” Or, if I wasn’t at home, my dad would give them that information, plus the entire schedule of my next two work weeks, just in case my friends were interested.  Speaking of work, before I had my license and needed a ride home, I always called when I was ready to be picked up.  Every time, my dad would ask “Are you finished?”

Even though my dad has his funny quirks, his heart is big and compassion for others very strong.  He has a memory of an elephant, and can ramble off the date of any birthday, anniversary or death of pretty much anyone he has ever met in his life.  He is a planner, making sure his siblings get together on a regular basis and is always game for a household of visitors or to go visiting.

The things my dad has taught me are endless.  Just ask Hubby, he has commented many times that I’m just like him. Driving with a gas tank less than a quarter full makes me nervous, I always squeeze the last little bit of toothpaste out of the tube or milk bag, and have a hard time wasting food (unless
of course it is green or past due.)  He helped me get my driver’s license, and against my will forced me to drive home after I succeeded during rush hour (but I did it!)

My dad also taught me about love and gave me lots while growing up.  I also got to witness his love with Little T ever since he was born. He was always
to hold him, and even now, will take any opportunity to play games with him either on-line or in person during our trips back to Canada.

Today is my Dad’s birthday and I hope he enjoys his special day and year ahead.  I love him very much.

I just wonder:  is he a year or a day older now?

4 thoughts on “The Early bird catches the worm

  1. Heather, your Dad is a character is all the best ways; he’s got good character and he is unique. A great combination.


  2. A fond memory I have is of Dad getting up in the night when I was sick. He would always appear and sit on the edge of the tub, and wait with me until I was ready to go back to bed. When I hear my boys up in the night not feeling well, I think of my dad, and how reassuring it felt to not be alone. He is a very caring person as you have captured in your tribute. He keeps in touch with many of his nieces and nephews too. And another quality of our Dad that I admire is how he will talk to anyone, making a stranger feel welcome. We are so fortunate to have him as our Dad. Happy getting one day older! PS I guess since you are Early, it is fitting that you have a least one child who can be called “latey”


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