Another sickness update

Girl, get us better soon, OK?

I wanted to call this “Another sick update” but after receiving my 2011 stats on my blog with “sauna german naked” being one of the searches that found my blog, I’ve decided to weed out anyone looking for a “sick update”.

So eight days later Tuscan is still running a fever and coughing, Wednesday afternoon Hubby came home from work and crashed on the couch with fever, and yesterday my entire body ached (including my hair!) – all I wanted to do was sleep (which I did).  At one point yesterday all 3 of us were lying on the couch passing around the thermometer to see who had the highest temperature (daddy won).  It hasn’t been pretty around here.

Another trip to the doctor (and sadly another blood test) confirmed that Little T still has the chest infection, but the penicillin seems to be helping.  The doctor said if he is fever-free all day Sunday, he can go back to school on Monday.  He is usually fever-free in the morning, but by mid-day and evening, it returns.  He’s still managing through it OK with two new shows to distract him (daddy got him the second one because of the second needle) and popsicles seem to cheer him up too. He still sits up on the couch and blows me kisses.   But it is so strange to see him fast asleep in the middle of the afternoon.

Hubby can’t remember the last time he has felt so ill. Luckily he was well enough yesterday to be the parent, as I was in no condition. It’s strange – even though I had no fever, my body felt like I did, and all it wanted to do was sleep, sleep and sleep.  Today I’m still feeling weak and get tired if I walk around, but at least the aches are gone.  Which is a good thing, as there is no way that Hubby could be a parent today. Yesterday as I lay dozing in and out of reality, I was immensely grateful that I didn’t have a baby in the house.

This whole sickness thing has got me thinking – what do people do on really important days when they get sick? Or, do people actually get sick on these days, but instead somehow make it through and crash later?  Have you ever been to a wedding where the bride or groom couldn’t make it because they were in bed with the flu? I haven’t.  I thought back to a month ago when we moved – how disastrous it would have been if one or all three of us were sick.  We didn’t even have a bed to sleep in! Maybe that thing called adrenaline takes over on the days that it’s critical you are well.

So, I’m still burning the Eucalyptus oil, making sure we are all drinking lots of water, Hubby and I are now sipping Eucalyptus/basil/thyme tea (as coffee no longer tastes good), and yesterday we bathed in Dead Sea salts (thought of you, mom!).  For supper the other night we at a big bowl of sauerkraut, as I read that it helps boost the immune system and is ideal when you have a cold or fever.  Yesterday Hubby bought a stewing hen and made chicken soup that simmered all night.  We’ll be eating that today.  And, I have that angel pictured above watching over us. I told her it’s her job to make us all better again.

Now it’s your turn.  Please share your remedies for dealing with sickness, and what do or eat when you start to feel better.  We’ll take any advice possible in this household!

So much for not eating packaged food.

9 thoughts on “Another sickness update

  1. Heather,

    If you are looking for help ask Sonya about her “cat piss” remedy. lol… that’s what I call it, I hate it… I like the chicken noodle soup idea but what I do is fry some celery and carrots in butter first and then add the other ingredients… butter good… right mom!?!


  2. I use an herbal tincture of Echinacea and Goldenseal. I put the drops with a bit of water and drink it. Carl thinks it is cat piss… but oh well, he drinks it. I try to do that 3 times a day when the cold starts up. I also take lots of vitamin C and use a humidifier (especially for the boys). Other than that, lots of liquids and rest when we can. Carl will also take meds (tylenol cold), but I stick to natural remedies and use regular tylenol if I have a head ache. I also tend to let fevers run their course (dress the boys in boxers and tshirt) unless they keep the person up.

    Take care,


  3. my mom used to always give us tea with raspberry syrup (which she always made herself during the summer)…but for a bacterial infection we were always medicated (antibiotics)…you really wanna make sure you help your body fight it so it does not develop into something worse like pneumonia…but you know me…I am a strong believer in both western in eastern medicine…i think there is room for both…but rest and sleep allow your body to regenerate themselves faster…so, rest as much as you can…i just noticed that if I have one of my hypoglycemic episodes, if I have a chance to eat and sleep vs just eat, I am a new person after a 30 min nap….otherwise my day is shot….I never fully recover….


  4. oh and after you are done antibiotics, if he likes yogurt, let him eat it to his heart’s content, or get some probiotics to help restore some of the good bacteria in his digestive system…at least that’s what naturopaths will tell you to do….


  5. I agree with Aga’s comment about the natural yogurt. Antibiotics even though they kill off the one bacteria, they kill them all, and can mess up your internal system. My remedy is sleep sleep sleep. Lots of water. And I have also heard that exercising is actually good (if you can do it) as it helps you recover quicker. Since I can’t exercise when I’m healthy, I am not putting any endorsement on this one:)


  6. So sorry you are all sick, that is the pits. I did have a flu that sounds just like this and was really sick for about ten days which ran over Christmas, drat! It was a total of about six weeks until I felt really ok. I did take an antibiotic eventually because was worried when it didn’t get better and I have a history of bacterial pneumonia and wanted to nip that in the bud. I subsisted on ginger ale, ginger tea, regular weak tea, apple sauce (which feels so good going down), toast and a bit of honey yoghurt and lots of chicken soup. Appetite stayed poor for quite a while but unfortunately it did come back. Be good to yourselves and sleep, sleep, sleep.


  7. Hi Heather,
    Hopefully by now, you’ll all be feeling much better! My best remedy is chicken noodle soup and rest, and lots of fluids including ginger ale.
    Matt is home sick today with upset stomach – and today, of all days – he was supposed to get his braces off. He’s pretty disappointed, but then again, not feeling well enough to care much. So… it’s not like he’s getting married, and perhaps because he’s young, he’s not able to find the motivation within to get himself through this day (to get the braces off!) I love your thought-provoking blogs!!
    Hugs to all,


  8. Hi everyone,
    Thanks for all your great remedy suggestions! We definitely had our share of chicken noodle soup, tea and SLEEP in the last week. In fact, I think it will be awhile before I can stomach another bowl of chicken noodle soup or eat/smell anything with Eucalyptus! But I’m happy to say that we are all doing much better. Hubby has a cold/cough that is mot irritating to him at night, and Little T is still falling asleep in the afternoon, but otherwise life is back to normal. Now I need to go out and buy some yogurt!!

    Wishing everyone good health,


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