Living in the moment

“You look like an old woman, Mommy”!  Is what Little T told me one morning this past week.  He based his observation on the fact that I was wearing a hat pulled down over my face and was crouched over with bad posture while pulling up my coat.  I was suffering from a head cold in its first day of glory, which I’m sure added to my look of old age.  Nonetheless, it was the kind of comment that makes a mom question why she chose the motherhood.

But that’s not the only observation from Little T’s this week.  Yesterday we decided to put up our Christmas tree.  I know, it isn’t even December yet and I’m fairly certain it’s the first time we have ever put up a tree so early.  I’m convinced the folks that sold it to us on the tree farm we went to weren’t exactly open for business, but decided to not pass up business to obvious Ausländer.  A lot of folks here still stick to tradition and put their tree up on December 24th.

The reason we decided to put the tree up a little early is because we are packing up to move on the 27th of December, so from the 28thonward, there will be no more tree.  And, knowing that we would have one less week with a tree and the fact that Hubby will be away for the next two weeks in Thailand and India, this week-end made sense to kick start the season of Christmas in our home.

And Little T couldn’t be more thrilled.  He counted down sleeps to put out the Christmas stuff.  While Hubby was getting the boxes out of the back corner, Little T announced how exciting it is to spend two Christmases in the same house.  We couldn’t help but flinch a little as his observation, as both of us would like nothing more than to provide stability and fear what affect all this moving around will have on him.

I keep waiting for Little T to show some sign of stress or anxiety over our upcoming move.  But so far, he is taking it in stride.  No mention of frustration in having to change schools or having to make new friends. I am amazed at how resilient he is.  Maybe it’s because he chooses to just live in the moment and not worry about what will happen next month or next year.  That’s our job.

I loved watching Little T’s excitement for each ornament he unwrapped as we together dressed the tree:  “This is a picture of me when I was a baby!”  “Here’s one of you and Auntie Gail!”  Our Christmas tree has never been a show piece, but instead a mix mash of ornaments, many of which were given to us from family. I love hanging the old fragile ones saved from Hubby’s parents, and seeing the baby faces of my nephews.  Our ornament box also holds old picture calendars we made years ago, Christmas cards we received, and other Christmasy items we have collected over the years.  I love looking back through them and reliving all the wonderful moments we made.

It’s true, that in four weeks everything in our home will be packed in boxes waiting to be driven to a brand new place. And, even though we have no idea how long we will live there, it will still be our home.   But what matters more to me are the moments we make each and every day, regardless of where we live.  Something that Little T reminded me to remember this week.

He can just keep his observations about my aging look to himself.

2 thoughts on “Living in the moment

  1. LOL… we setup our tree too! When me and the boys went to our local tree farm we were the only ones there and the owner laughed, “Are you here for a Grey Cup tree!?!”… so we setup up our Christmas decoration too this weekend. However the reason for us is not a pending move but a bunch of hockey tournaments that we will not be home to enjoy our tree for so we are enjoing it now… Merry Christmas!


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