Making time for Me

Don't look like this sad fish today!

After reading my last post, a friend of mine wrote to me saying You will so enjoy a few hours to yourself with Little T going to ‘real’ school.

Funny, that had never crossed my mind.  Instead, I had thought about the extra hours I will have in the day to work more, get back to learning German, and maybe finally keeping up with the household.  Why is this? It made me realize that when you become a mom, it is easy to fall into the routine of doing things for everyone else first, and then yourself, if there is time. 

In my opinion, if you don’t take some time for yourself on a daily basis, it can interfere with your role of being a great mom as everyone needs to take time for themselves to avoid becoming resentful.  Especially if you have kids, it is important to make sure you have some hobbies of your own that you can continue to enjoy when they have left the nest.  But, whether or not you are single, married, have kids or not, every day should include time spent doing something YOU love to do!

In addition to the lack of German learning, I spent less time at the gym than I like, as I couldn’t seem to carve out the time (something I vow not to do next summer).  This past week I didn’t make a single class, making the excuse that I was adjusting to Little T’s new school schedule. So on Friday morning, knowing that Little T would be in school and most of my work commitments were on track, I thought about taking in a class I haven’t done for over a year, and (gasp!) go to the gym a big earlier to sip a Latte Macchiato and read a magazine (hey – I could write that off as learning German!).

I then found myself thinking of reasons NOT to go:

Maybe for once I should get ahead on my work hours.

There are piles of towels and bed sheets to wash.

There are weeds to pull in the front of our house.

The house needs to be cleaned.

But then I thought, I deserve to go and enjoy a coffee and a workout class and that it was just as important (if not more) than all the other obligations nagging at me. So, after checking one last time to make sure there weren’t any last minute work requirements, I shut down my computer, walked past the mountains of dirty laundry and packed my gym bag. I walked back down the stairs that desperately needed a vacuum, walked past the field of weeds on the way to the car and climbed in.  Then I went back into the house. I forgot to grab my Bon Jovi Lost Highway CD. If I was going to take some time for myself, I was going to do it right and play my favourite songs in the car…LOUD!

As I sat at the gym sipping my coffee, I couldn’t help but smile as a savoured the solitude. After my hour workout class, even though there were moments I thought I would pass out from exhaustion, I remembered why I enjoy exercising so much – the way your body and spirit feels after is indescribable.  

And the best part? I even had time to pick those %^#&^& weeds before meeting Little T at school.  So, we find time after all to do the things we need to, and who cares that my house won’t be clean until today. Jon Bon Jovi, sadly, didn’t come calling yesterday.

And today, the sun is shining. A perfect day to hang a load of laundry. After I have one more coffee.

How are you going to spend some time for yourself today?

6 thoughts on “Making time for Me

  1. Heather – it is so important to find time for yourself. As Ben and Hannah are getting older and seem to find THEIR own things to do (not so much fun or so cool to hang out with dad anymore), we do have a lot more time for ourselves. Most of my free time is sucked up by never ending renovations and Jen’s time seems to be consumed by the mountains of laundry. I have picked up another hobby that Ben is thrilled with but not so much Jen – target shooting. I now have a full-fledged man cave (old root cellar) that I have converted into a place any redneck would be proud of.

    I saw Ralph on Friday. He surprised me with a visit at work. It was really, really great to see him again. I realized it’s been a YEAR since we’ve seen each other. It did not seem that long but it has been. Ralph, Todd and Aga, Jen and I are off to Niagara on the Lake today for a full afternoon of wine tours and then we’re having dinner at Vineland estates. We’re coming back here after and doing some “post dinner hot tubbing”. I am sure our neighbours will love us tonight…

    We should Skype in the morning.



    • Thanks for the note, Peter! Target shooting, huh? Don’t show Ralph; he’ll never come back to Germany!

      As I type this, the five of you are off wine sipping, and I’m here feeling very, very jealous 😦 Hopefully this is the last of our separate vacations back to Canada. But I know he is in good hands with great friends.

      Enjoy the rest of the long week-end!



  2. Did mom say bitch?!? I think she must have missed typed… let see, the “h” is close or “n”, maybe it is a Mennonite type of stitch mom was referring to – the hitch-stitch or nitch-stitch? Wait a second, I know, she had 2 typos, and she meant notch stitch. Ya, that’s it… she would never type bitch… I feel much better now… if my kids read this nana said notch-stitch not the bad B-word….
    I would agree you need some “me” time… even when you are working I find I need to be on my own which is why I am sitting right now at my neighbourhood restaurant with a carafe of coffee and an attentive waitress while my colleagues are making the slog into work this first day of back-to-school hell in Ottawa.
    I can do my work, uninterrupted and take breaks to get caught-up with my sister… how sweat is that!


    • Oh, very sweet – hopefully you’re not sweating! LOL! I LOVE working alone! I get so much done, and think the quick laundry and making coffee breaks are a much needed rest for my eyes.

      Regarding mom’s comment, she did mention that it was a pastor that named the group that….but I’m not mentioning names….!


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