Pronounced shhpealin, spielen means “to play” in German.   And spielen is what kids love to do here.  In fact, the playdates and what is expected of them are quite amazing.  Especially when you aren’t hosting them.

When we moved to a different village, I vowed to help Little T make more friends.  This goal actually turned out a lot easier than I thought, as no effort was required on my part.  Kids in his Kindergarten came up and asked him for playdates.  Almost daily. I just had to make sure he showed up or was at home to host.

Not being familiar with these playdates, I soon learned the lay of the land.  Playdates typically last for 3 hours from 3-6pm, and it doesn’t matter if the parents barely know you.  When Little T had his first playdate, I wrote out our full name, home number, my cell number, Hubby’s cell, and our address.  The hosting mom looked at me like I had three heads, as if there was no problem she couldn’t resolve on her own, thank you.

The food is an important part. I suspect since these playdates last well into what I grew up knowing as a traditional supper hour of 5pm, it is no wonder these kids need to be fed.  Little T is convinced that gummy bears, chocolate pudding and raisin bread should be on the playdate menu.  I have at least convinced him to include either some apples or strawberries to balance out all the bad sugar.

The playing part is usually covered between the kids, although, sometimes parent intervention is required when boredom sets in.  Today I kicked around a soccer ball, played lawn bowling, got out bubbles, and allowed Little T and his friend to dig in the garden. Until of course they loaded up a wheelbarrow and dumped the dirt all over our patio, after my constant request for them to explain exactly where they plan to put all the dirt.  After that, the dirt was off limits.  I only wish I had limited the garden play before one of our basil plants was destroyed (sorry Hubby).  

I actually don’t mind hosting a playdate, but lately I am starting to wonder if 3 solid hours of play is a little too much (for me, of course).  But when the playdate is at someone else’s house, the 3 hours whiz by!   Except of course for the first playdate where Little T went to someone else’s house. I spent the entire 3 hours Googling the parents to make sure they weren’t into bad stuff.  Now that I’m more comfortable with the concept of exchanging kids (they come to yours, and then yours goes to them at least one time each) when I have an extra 3 hours in the afternoon all to myself, it can be a little slice of heaven.  While Little T was at a playdate last week, Hubby and I enjoyed a leisurely walk around our village. 

Overall, I really like the concept of the playdate, as it keep the kids entertained doing what they should be doing…playing!  And, it is a lot less expensive than getting a babysitter.  After all, gummy bears are quite cheap.  To end another great playdate, tonight I served Little T yummy Ricotta pancakes for supper.  Some of you may be familiar with them if you have been an overnight guest.  Fast and easy to make, and being able to sneak cheese into pancakes and have your kid love them is just the perfect combination! If you are interested in the recipe, here is the link:  http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/reviews/Ricotta-Pancakes-103755

And now, with my little spieler fast asleep (sleep comes fast after a playdate!) I’m spielen my new Bon Jovi Lost Highway CD.

Now, that’s my version of a good playdate.

3 thoughts on “Spielen

    • Are you serious??? I would LOVE to see Bon Jovi! I saw the Bon Jovi When we were Beautiful documentary on the plane to Canada (and back!) and watched it 4 times! They are brilliant, and I just love the CD. I’m hoping to get all the CDs some day. Lucky you!!!


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