During my visit back to Canada over the last 3 weeks, I was amazed at how comfortable it felt to maneuver myself around and re-connect with family and friends.  Not once did I feel the reality that over a year had gone by since I was last there.

One of my biggest fears in moving over to Germany was losing contact with family and friends. I realize now that strong relationships with people can continue to grow regardless of a physical limitation of seeing people in person, as long as there is a mutual desire to maintain the connection on both sides. I believe that technology has helped tremendously; Skype, MSN and email helps me keep connected to those I love both visually and in thought. 

While in Canada, I thought about how easier it would have been to have a BlackBerry so I could constantly keep in touch with Hubby both with pictures and email updates.  But, maybe it would have been too much of a distraction and limited my ability to be fully present in the time I was spending with others.  Seeing people at restaurants madly checking and writing messages on their BBs the entire time during a meal made me sad; what is so important that takes precedence over the person sitting on the other side of the table?  And for my friends out there that have BBs, don’t fear! This is not an observation of my interactions with any of you during our time together.

What struck me as a strong example of how hard it is to feel the impact of time was how I felt while watching old home movies.  Upon my request, my dad brought out a film projector and ran footage of our family and friends while I was growing up.  Little T was so delighted to see his Mommy at an age younger than him.  I am so thankful that my dad took so many films so I could share them with Little T, even if it also excited him to stand in between the light of the projector and the screen to make funny shadow figures. 

While watching the footage, I felt as if I had those experiences only the day before. The furniture, the house, and especially the faces were extremely familiar. It was unbelievable to think that what I was watching actually took place over 30 years ago. What was especially fun was that my mother pointed out at how our facial expressions and actions could now be seen through our children; as a child, I had this canny desire to scrunch up my lips diagonally for the camera.  It is next to impossible to snap a picture of Little T without some goofy look.

 I am so grateful to my family and friends for making my trip back home to Canada so amazing.  I was touched at how so many people made the time to spend time with me, and often made arrangements to see me more than once! I truly feel blessed to have such wonderful people a part of my life.

And, as I returned back to my home and life in Germany, I was again reminded of the insignificance of time.  Embracing Hubby and just sitting beside him in the car (before passing out from sleep deprivation) felt incredibly normal and comforting. I walked around our home and naturally fell back into familiar rhythms.

I just hope my visit to the gym this afternoon after a 3 week absence will feel just as timeless.

4 thoughts on “Timeless

  1. Hey Darling!

    It was great spending time with you during your visit. It was nice to reconnect and give you and Tuscan a hug. I’m glad you made it home safe and sound!



    • Thanks Sonya! It was nice to spend time with you too. Hopefully next time we can include a trip up to Ottawa. Little T had such a blast with his cousins!! Great job in telling the Easter Bunny that Little T was visiting Canada 🙂


  2. Heather,

    It was so great to see you when you were home!!! Glad to read that you and Tuscan made it back to Germany safe and sound!! All the best as you get settled back into routine and have a great vacation at the end of the month with Aga and Todd!!!!



    • Thanks, Pat! It was great to see you too 🙂 We are really looking forward to seeing Aga and Todd for a week-end, and are honoured they have included us in their romantic trip to Paris. Hope you and Chris have tons of fun in Italy, and drink some yummy wine there, OK?!


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