Birthday wishes for my Hubby

Tomorrow is my Hubby’s birthday.   This year, my hubby is celebrating his birthday without family, as most of us are in Canada.  He is free to choose exactly how he wishes to spend his day.  Maybe, this is the best birthday gift a person could receive! Especially since it falls on a Sunday, he doesn’t have to worry about going to work.  He can sleep in or not.  Go to the gym or not.  Sit in a sauna and have a honey and salt session with a bunch of naked strangers or not.  Get the Christmas tree out of the backyard, or not. Do nothing, or fill his day.

I believe birthdays should be celebrated, at every age.  I find it sad that as we age, some people dread upcoming birthdays.  Instead, I think we need to celebrate that we are still alive, feel grateful for all we have experienced and with each year, appreciate that we are a little wiser.

Hopefully a part of hubby’s day will include a little reflection on the year that passed, and planning his desires for the years ahead.  I hope he feels a sense of pride when he reflects on the past, as he is a very dynamic person and in my opinion, has accomplished a lot to be proud of.  I have had the privilege of experiencing life with him for the last 15 years, and through the good, the bad, and very bad, I am constantly amazed at his determination to remain optimistic.  Not an easy task, and of course he has had his share of sleepless nights.  But, he doesn’t give up and refuses to dwell on the pain that others have caused. 

Because of our age difference, we never share an age in the same decade.  Hubby pointed this out to me in the first few times we were together:  “You do realize” he said slowly, “I am significantly older than you”.  At the time, we were drinking chocolate milk together, which is rather funny.  And no, I wasn’t that young.  I was well into my twenties! 

Even when he did tell me the exact age difference, at the time I didn’t care and still don’t.  On the contrary, we just find humour in it.  I make fun of his disco era with colourful wide pant legs and creepy mustaches.  He pokes fun at my passion for Duran Duran and oversized T-shirts (Duran Duran still rule in my book; the oversized T-shirts are long gone).

I view our age difference as Ying and Yang. I keep him young, and he keeps me sane.  He falls asleep first, and usually while we are still watching a film on the couch (which drives me crazy and he knows it).  I am always the last to get out of bed in the morning, waiting until he pulls up the rollers and demands to know if I plan to ever get out of bed (which drives HIM crazy).  I always tease that he is my “older vintage”, but as the years go by, he may soon start to tease me back.

However you choose to spend your birthday, hubby, I hope it is filled with happiness and peace.  It may be your only birthday you have completely to yourself, so do as you please and know that you are loved (and incredibly missed!).  Speaking of vintages, be sure to crack open one of those special bottles lying in the bottom of the fridge and enjoy.  If it is still warm out, sit outside and admire the Christmas tree.

Just save a few glasses so we can celebrate together in a few weeks.

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