It’s Nicole’s Day

I’m thinking about Nicole today, a young woman who is turning 22 years old.  I have known her since she was 6 years old, full of energy and spark.  I can still picture her running up and down the hills during her sister’s soccer practise, then later around the racetrack with no sign of getting tired.  I think that drive of energy followed her through to her twenties, as she always had lots of good things on the go.

Here is how I would describe Nicole:

Cheery and outgoing. Nicole always had lots of friends growing up. I think that is because of her bubbly nature and cheerfulness that makes others instantly comfortable around her. Kind also comes to my mind. One of my early and favourite memories of Nicole is when I came home after getting my haircut and wasn’t so sure I liked it. When I walked in the door, she ran up to me and said “Wow – you’re so pretty!”  It made my day.

Artistic.  Very dedicated to playing piano from an early age on, Nicole went on to play keyboards in a music band with some friends from high school.  We were often treated to her wonderful playing on Christmas Eve.  She is also artistic on the graphic side – she can do wonders with Photoshop and can create beautiful photo collections set to music.

Passionate.  One of her early jobs was at a pet store, where her love of animals really shone. It was through her that I learned about the difference in pet food, that some big brands perform cruel animal testing.  This passion has since grown into a huge interest for Human Rights. Nicole has been heavily involved with various human rights campaigns over the last number of years while attending University, and should be very proud of her dedication and efforts through volunteer work.

Health conscious. Nicole has a love of food, but is very aware and careful about what she eats, trying to be organic when she can.  Tea has always been a part of her diet and an interest in Yoga. I remember the two of us spending an hour on a Saturday afternoon doing a yoga video…she could certainly stretch much more than I! I did some yoga this morning and thought of her, wondering if she still does it from time to time.  But that’s the beauty about yoga…it’s something you can stop doing for awhile but it always welcomes you back when you’re ready.

But wow – she is now a young lady of 22.  Such an exciting time of life, with so much achieved and yet so much to still discover.  However she decides to spend her special day, I hope it involves fun.

And a baw-gle or two.

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