A brother’s love

I am grateful that I have a brother.  Even though mine is 7 years older than me, and wasn’t exactly into the same things I was at a young age, my childhood memories of him are endless and fond.

My brother was big into that TV show series M*A*S*H (which I loathed) and I remember countless battles over who had procession of the TV converter. Even if I was in the room first, and was seven years younger (and a girl!) it didn’t matter.  He had to watch that show.

Being into hockey, my brother also liked to use me as a goalie and take endless shots on me. But I didn’t mind. He was my big brother!  But other times he would sit by my side and play Pac-man or Merlin with me, and teach me how to play better.

He taught me appreciation for music, with having the coolest stereo and album collection that I was “not to touch” (but I did of course, when he wasn’t home).  I can still remember watching him learn to drive during our family trip out West, while he was belting out “Elvira” by the Oak ridge boys.  He bought me my first Bare Naked Ladies CD that I still regularly play.

After getting my driver’s license, my brother spent a Saturday afternoon setting up the car in the driveway and placing objects around it to teach me what a blind spot looks like.  Ever since, I have always checked over my shoulder “just to be sure” because I learned visually how easy it can be not to see another car.

I was sad when he moved away to Ottawa to go away to school, but relieved when he came home one week-end unexpectedly and helped break up an unplanned huge teenage house party at my parent’s place (I wasn’t even home!).  I remember countless fun times during my visits to see him in Ottawa, especially the night we went to a bar for the first time together in Quebec (I was 18 and legal there!).  It was the first time I felt like my brother and I were equally adults.

My brother is hard-working, dedicated, and compassionate.  He interacts with others easily, and likes to have fun. He married a fantastic woman, and is a wonderful dad.  Every year he builds an arena size outdoor ice rink for his boys and spends pretty much the entire winter (and more) in and out of hockey arenas cheering them on.

I will always cherish that my brother brought his family to spend their summer vacation with us in Germany, and fondly remember evenings happily sipping wine together and just talking.

My brother has taught me a lot, and I still learn from him.  Even though we live on different continents and have busy lives, we still have a great relationship.

Today is his birthday, and as I am writing this, he is an ocean away still sleeping.  I hope when he wakes up, he smiles, and is grateful to be having another birthday.

I also hope he knows he is loved by many.  Especially his little sister.

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